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When your child/children start at the Centre, it is very important that the transition is as enjoyable, happy and relaxed as possible.



Each child is assigned a key worker. This member of staff is responsible for maintaining your child(ren's) records, liaising with you about your child's development and any other issues.


The way children behave often depends on the way they feel about themselves. Children who feel valued, cared for and successful tend to behave appropriately. The way they feel about themselves depends on the way those around them respond to their behaviour. We believe it is important to be positive and respond consistently, so that children are able to distinguish between desirable and undesirable behaviour.


If you would like us to celebrate your child's birthday at the Centre, please feel free to discuss the details with us.


    We are concerned with children’s' safety and welfare. We do our best to ensure that children are protected at all times. Any serious concerns will be discussed with parents and carers.

    We will always do our best to work in partnership with both parents and carers. We will liaise with Social Services and Educational Welfare Services in the best interest of any child.


    Outings are organised in some projects and will either be in our own minibus or a hired coach. We try and organise two or three outings per year, subject to available funds and we encourage parents, carers and volunteers to assist childcare workers in the care and supervision on these outings.

    Prior notice is given before any major outing and you will always be asked to sign a consent form.


    Special diets, allergies, religious and/or cultural issues are taken into account when serving food or snacks. Weekly menus are available to be viewed and we also welcome suggestions from parents and carers.

    • Breakfast: 8.20am - 9.00am.   Consists of a selection of cereals   and/or toast and   spreads.

    • Mid-morning: 10.15am. A drink and   snack served.

    • Lunch: 11.40am. Consists of a   nutritious meal and pudding.

    • Tea: 4.00pm


    The curriculum is a general term for everything we want the child to learn and the way we foster and encourage them to develop their full potential.

    There are nationally agreed Early Learning Goals that outline exactly what children should know, understand and do by the end of the Reception year in Primary School. These goals emphasize the development of personal and social skills, early literacy (reading and writing), numeracy (numbers), knowledge and understanding of the world, creative and physical development.

    To contribute to your child's love and learning and his/her development

    We aim to:

    • 1. Build on what children can do and what they are interested in.

    • 2. Develop each child at his/her own learning pace

    • 3. Provide regular reports informing you of the things happening at the centre

    • 4. These could be in the form of contact books, notice boards and/or the Centre's      newsletter.